Have you checked your Employees’ Visa? If not, you could be breaking the law!

Carrying out right to work checks in the UK for Employers, current or prospective Employees & offering Affordable, Highly Competent Ongoing Training, Support & Mentorship For Businesses.

Has your Employer or the Home Office unfairly stopped you from working when you know that you have got a right to work?

Our Services

Covering the rights of Employers and Employees

  • Checking the types of visas of employees
  • Verifying that they have got the right to work in the UK
  • Checking the status of employees during pending UK Visa applications or appeals
  • Querying ambiguous or inaccurate responses from the Home Office Employers’ Checking Service
  • Training Staff Members of Employers
  • Helping to challenge adverse Home Office decisions directed at both Employers & Employees together with our partner Mutebuka & Co Immigration Lawyers who working in the immigration and visa sector.

Make sure that all of the relevant checks are carried out when you want to work or employ someone in the UK.